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The most innovative HR Tech startup in Hungary


Audience award winner of the 2016 CEE LIFT OFF


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The CEO's story

I remember we used to play a lot of table tennis during the lunch breaks in Corvinus University. I loved playing and I was quite good at it. I miss all that. A few months later after our graduation, one of my former uni classmate was so excited to let me know that he received a good position in a cool company in Budapest and they are regularly organising pin-pong tournaments at the office. Settling in behind a few beers he also started to complain me about the hassle of organising and administrating these tournaments. He was the youngest fellow inthe office so his duty was to precisely update the famous Google Sheets to track the scores and generate a leaderboard. Guess what? We quickly formulated a business idea to develop an application for managing office ping-pong tournaments.

After developing a 3-page long business plan and coding for 2 weeks nonstop, we were ready to show our first MVP to HR managers. We realized that not as many companies in Budapest have table tennis equipment as we thought and they are not willing to pay for using a platform like this. However, after talking with a lot of HR person, we understood that there is a need for an online tool which is suitable for organising any kind of office tournaments and challenges. Receiving founds from friends and families we started to build an ultimate online team-building management platform.

We were super excited when we received HUF 60 million from Virgo Ventures which is a hungarian technology incubator. We developed fast and our team was also started to expand. After gaining success in the Hungarian market, the international expansion is the next business move for us. Thanks for the recently received a HUF 120 million investment from state-owned venture capital fund Hiventures, we are ready to go to the international market. Our mission is still the same since we established our startup: to bring coworkers together and help companies to boost engagement and workplace happiness.

Battlejungle philosophy

Organizational success is largely dependent on how fast and in what way it's people connect with each other for mutual benefit. We develop office activities that would help to infuse fun and creativity in your efforts to build an organizational dream team. Our activities bring an office together for a few moments, with the goal of building a cohesive team. We believe that employees who have fun at work are happier and more productive. They're also more loyal to their employers. Our mission is to inspire and enable individuals and teams to create a positive, engaging, and productive work environment.


Gergő Ambrusz
Szilárd Jakus
Balázs Barna

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Tibor Zsirmik
Judit Kata Lehr
Edina Frank
Daniella Varga
Ádám Drobinoha

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Hiventures is our professional partner
Virgo Ventures is our professional partner

Battlejungle Informatikai Szolgáltató Kft.
Project name: Developing Battlejungle online team-building service
Invested: 48 million Ft (80%)
Project: Creating market-ready MVP, establishing the appropriate business model, marketing and sales strategy, supporting domestic sales.
Ending: 2018.12.31.

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Poland Prize
Google for Startups Alumni 2021

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