"We found Battlejungle the tool to spur employees to do sports frequently and to bond with each other."





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ChemAxon provides cheminformatics software platforms, applications and services to optimize the value of chemistry information in life science and other R&D. The company empl oys more than 100 workers, of which 80% are developers, thus the everyday communication between the colleagues gets little importance.


liked and consider it entertaining

The central office is in Budapest, where employees work on their tasks in front of their computer, sitting next to each other, which unfortunately doesn't require them to interact with the others at all. However, the management thought that despite the fact it's a software-developing company, building the community should be of higher importance for the sake of better internal functionality - for this purpose they chose Battlejungle.

"The transparent interface of Battlejungle makes the use ejoyable and the events easy-to-organise for everybody."

As a first step, the team of Battlejungle launched a championship, called 'Office Olympics'. This championship was built on the system of the Olympic games, in which employees could compete with each other, either individually or in teams. During this period of time employees of ChemAxon had the chance to get to know the functionality of Battlejungle - after this event the programs organised by them became more frequent.

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Our sports days, workout days and community events used to be organised only on an annual basis before using Battlejungle, but organizing itself required tremendous amount of energy and time for some people. They said, one of Battlejungle's benefits was the self-organised championships, thus the initiatives coming from the bottom (a.k.a. from the employees themselves) got credits as well.

The site's user-friendly interface ensures that the functions are easy-to-find even for the beginner players, it's no fuss to organise a championship or to join another. The colleagues have already challenged themselves in more than 10 types of sports and this number is continuously increasing.


got to know new people

Battlejungle provides a lot of useful information for the HR-department, which can be used in deciding on the next steps. They get to know which sport makes the employees bond and that who are the most active, social members of the company. The management can utilize this information in order to achieve a harmonious internal functionality, plus can motivate the employees to participate by finding the most suitable programs.

Top Activities at ChemAxon
table tennis
Table tennis tournament
Chess tournament
step counting
Stairs step counting
move yourself
Move yourself collectable
Cycle 10.000 km
table football
Table football championship


thinks his/her relations are better with the colleagues

The participation rate on the events organised via Battlejungle increased significantly for two reasons. The first reason is that in order to participate on a championship organised via Battlejungle you have to join online. This way the inherently more silent, more introverted people will join with less hesitation. This attribute in a world of a developer company can bring a significant change in the number of participants.

The second reason of Battlejungle's success is that the employees can decide which sports they want to join. The workers can even practice pursue their hobbies, while they get to know their colleagues better.

"It's not only useful, because literally anybody can launch a championship, but also because - based on the participations - we clearly see in which kinds of sports programs the colleagues are interested."