"Organizing team buildings is a lot more comfortable and faster – much more employees want to take part in team buildings thanks to this."





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Misys is one of the biggest companies developing software for banks, having more than 2000 customers in 130 countries. Their goal is to help their customers make smart decisions, solve complex problems and make their processes more efficient. Misys is constantly looking for innovative solutions, which is not only true for their business activities, but also for the company culture.

Innovation is one of the key factors in the company’s operations. Battlejungle fitted this perfectly, using gamification to help organize community events in an unusual way.

"We came up with the idea to have mugs and T-shirts with the iconic animal figures of Battlejungle on them. Everyone in the office knew what was it all about – it became an inside joke."


of employees started doing more sports thanks to Battlejungle

After implementing Battlejungle it took a little time for the employees to start using the program and for it to start spreading within the company. Once our employees started using it, they became regular players. Gamified features helped motivating the users not to give up a challenge and to be an active within the community. The spirit of Battlejungle completely took over the two offices in Hungary: pictures from the site could be seen in the offices in different forms.

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Posters on the walls were promoting actual or upcoming tournaments, and getting people’s attention, which led to an increasing number of registering employees participating in the challenges. Anyone could join any activities via the online platform, which made organizing and application much easier. During the one-month trial period competitions were regularly organized with the help of the Battlejungle team. After getting to know the system employees started initiating tournaments for themselves. Battlejungle helped them with tailor-made ideas taking their needs into consideration.

"Battlejungle provides opportunities for employees to come up with sports programs by themselves and organize events, in which they would happily take part. This is why Battlejungle is so popular at our company."

The cooperation of Misys and Battlejungle was very successful, leading to a variety of creative solutions and exciting challenges, such as Fussball, darts, „marshmallow tower” and Xbox competitions. Players could collect points not only individually by climbing stairs or cycling, but also in teams by accomplishing an escape room challenge.


different challenges

Mysis considers integrating new employees to the company as a key step towards success. Battlejungle helps them achieve this. Interns and top managers play in one team, which helps the office atmosphere to be more friendly and improves the communication within the company.

"We all agree that Battlejungle has a positive effect on our company. We would highly recommend it to any organization."