"I was looking for a solution for organizing a company-level team building, involving all of our offices from five different countries. I finally found the right tool for this - Battlejungle."





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PPF Europe is dedicated to providing high quality, healthy pet food since 1999. The company is present in 5 different countries and delivers its products to retailers in 38 countries. One of the key elements of PFF’s success is the 600 people working on the production, delivery and other activities to make them flawless.


likes Battlejungle and finds it very entertaining

Despite of having no sports equipment in the office, PPF had a sporty and healthy team building activity in mind, which involves all of its employees. Battlejungle came up with a perfect solution providing a 24-day-long tournament, called „PPF On The Move”. Players received points for exercises that could be a part of their everyday work routine: climbing stairs instead of taking the elevator, walking or biking to the office and going for a run before or after work. This system made competing possible for employees working in different cities. As a result, the distance between the offices could not stand in the way of implementing the great idea of involving as many employees as possible.

The only task for the management was to implement the system to the company. The rules and rewarding system were given, which makes usage easy and practical for all of the company members.

"We did not need to invest any time or energy in coming up with ideas and organizing programs, which came as a huge help to us. Battlejungle provided a ready-to-use system, which worked perfectly."

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Collecting points during the challenges became more and more popular and also a common topic of conversation among employees. This led to more people joining the competitions. Battlejungle soon became a topic known by everyone and could be used as a common interest, building bridges between people.


feels that the atmosphere in the office became more positive

The competition worked as a motivating factor for employees to exercise more: 80% of the players reflected that they started doing more sports than before the challenges.

Battlejungle also provided a solution for the employees’ motivation to stay strong: twice as many points could be received for all the exercises during „Double point day”.


would be happy to recommend Battlejungle to others

„PPF On The Move” ended with an awards ceremony, which was the highlight of the whole campaign. The best and most active players were awarded with shiny medals and trophies. This way the non-professional sides of people could be shown and co-workers got to know each other better.

The popularity of the tournament can also be seen looking at the statistics: the goal was to collect 5000 points together, instead of which 6141 points were reached. This counts as a result of 122,8% performance.