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1. Register and build a team for free

Create an entirely new team and invite your mates, or join an existing one if you have an invitation.
Registering is as easy as giving your name and e-mail address, nothing more!

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2. Organise tournaments

As soon as you got members in your team, you can start to organise a tournament:

  • Choose a sport (table tennis, darts, xbox or any other sport)
  • Set up the tournament (name, sign up deadline, publicity etc.)
  • A notification is sent to members who are eligible to join
  • Wait for players to join
  • Close the sign-up period and choose the game type
  • Enjoy the game :)

3. Play

Now stand up from your computer, grab your darts needles, table tennis racket or xbox controller and show your best! Once you’ve finished a battle announce results and let other see your victory.

Having doubts how to manage your bowling or a rock-paper-scissors competition? Or do you have a special game idea? Visit our blog to find examples, cases and descirptions.

4. Track results

Show your friends that you’re the best snooker player around.

Battlejungle tells you your overall scores in the sports you play. Check your team's leaderboard for positions, results and stats.

5. Collect karma, badges and awards

In Battlejungle your activity is rewarded by karma points that allow you to level up and compare your skills with your teammates.

You get an award for finising 1st, 2nd or 3rd in a tournament.
Also, there are special badges you can collect to show off your stlyless.

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Yep, we are free for as long as you want and for unlimited number of people.