Battlejungle is a new team building tool
to bring together.

It helps you make the office a fun, active and more social place. Stand up from your desk, invite your colleagues and start a game. Don't worry about organising we are here to manage team building tournaments for you.

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It’s never been so easy to organise team buildings

Whatever your sport is, Battlejungle has got you covered.

These companies already know that.

Telekom Telekom Telekom
Tony Stone - Cocky Crocodile Helen Gregory - Reckless Rabbit vs. 3 : 1 Tony has just earned the Garfield badge for playing 10 games on Monday.
Tactful Tigers are not here to play with. Roland Payne, Tactful Tiger in Battlejungle
Single elmination tournament bracket in Battlejungle Single elminiation part 2
2nd place award in a tournament in Battlejungle Level up popup

Did you know that the CEO is a beast in basketball?

How long are you waiting to reveal your skills of your favourite sport or game to your colleagues? Time has come to prepare yourself, because Battlejungle brings the challange closer as never before.

No matter if you're familiar with tournaments or not

Have you ever find it difficult to organise a tournament with 25 participants? Battlejungle offers an automated process to manage the whole event, even if you’d like to start after few clicks or fine tune it ferociously.

Get to know each other more during an interesting match

Battlejungle offers a great opportunity to get closer to your colleagues, share personal interests with each other. This helps employee collaboration and information flow inside the company.

Earn badges, level up and ultimately get to be the gorilla

Everybody loves to play! From now on you’ll be playing also between the matches, or even if you are not joined to any tournament. Earning points and special awards by doing any activity is essential part of our system.

Gamification like you've never witnessed before

Battlejungle offers great solutions how sport acitivities can be supported by gamified features at the most effective way to keep users inspired.

  • Badges

    You can get funny awards by accomplishing unique missions

  • Leaderboards

    Actual standings in any tournament can be followed easily

  • Awards

    Just win a tournament and your name is carved into stone

  • Shareable achievements

    Whatever you achieve it can be shared proudly with friends

Abbie, Customer Support

3rd place in 'Tennis Gods' league September 22, 2016

Amanda, VP of marketing

Winner of 'Tennis Gods' league September 22, 2016

John, Chief Executive Officer

2nd in 'Tennis Gods' league September 22, 2016

Everybody is equal in every team

We respect the regular company hierarchy, however in Battlejungle only matters what you actually place on the desk. Every user start from the same position, and you can get higher and higher by actively participate the game. Even just play for fun is awarded, however raise above others you need to start organise and be successful in battles.

Let's be healthier and happier with Battlejungle

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