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The easiest way to supercharge employee engagement for HR professionals who want to take employee motivation to the next level.Create, Manage & Track gamified company events at scale.

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Motivation is a key to keep your best players inside your team.

Your events and challenges is the easiest way to boost the enjoyment at work and keep your top talent’s motivation high.

Company events creation with a few clicks

Create & Publish events with one click and monitor the entire process online. Generate a landing page with registration feature, automatically. No need for extra website building or programming, so you can focus on the success of your upcoming event, only.

Gamified motivation

Battlejungle makes your events and engagement activities exciting and entertaining. Formal introductions are left for business meetings, Battlejungle is a place of enjoyment! Collectibles, trophies, badges and all! Game on!

Tournaments and Challenges

Create fun and excitement around the workplace through our pre-planned thematic virtual and real-life tournaments or challenges. Let your employees vote which one they would like to do next time. If it's their choice they will be far more likely to engage and participate.


Check out our COVID-proof team building games

Improve your company culture with HQ-Games whether working from home or in the office!

Event’s engagement supercharged.

Team-buildings, charity events, end-of-year parties or workshops. Battlejungle is the one single platform for managing all your events.


Multiple Company Profiles

Manage multiple subsidiaries or divisions and grant different levels of access with a single login.


Tracking the Engagement progress

If it gets measured, it gets improved. Review, analyse and track the success of your engagement activities, anytime.


Event questions? Answered by participants

Do you get the same questions all the time from your event's attendees? They can discuss all their event related questions.


Easy-to-use platform. Easy on-boarding.

After joining Battlejungle we will provide you all the necessary information to smoothly introduce it to your colleagues.


All events. One calendar

Stay organised. All company events in one calendar view powered by our automated invitation system.


Support & Best Practices

Get inspired by other company's success stories and employee engagement activities. Regular case studies, reports and trends will be available for you.

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