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We make it easy to manage the full spectrum of your team building efforts whether they are virtual or real-life activities.


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Reach all your employees through efficient communication

We comfort you in the planning and managing of all your communications. Get across your engagement activities with the least effort. Inform your employees from scratch: from the pre-planning to the follow-up stages Battlejungle's ready-made templates make sure that you do not miss any essential message out of the game.

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Play the engagement game safe by creating exciting activities and events

We know what motivates coworkers and are not afraid to reveal our tested and trusted methods. Battlejungle's gamified structure is designed to make engagement activities work, both in terms of attendance, success, and persistency.

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Keep track of your activities, their current status and final successes

We make sure that it is as easy as possible to keep track of your activities progresses. We also give you a free hand in managing permissions whether they are simple admins or different divisions of your company. Battlejungle's statistics let you learn more about your coworkers' engagement and about how your activities perform generally.

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The way you create and communicate events better

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Organise your event in one place

Whether you're planning team-buildings, charity events, end-of-year parties or workshops, Battlejungle can help. We provide a single platform for all your colleagues and all your events. Managing all events in one place makes planning and tracking easier.

Apart from it, here are a few more benefits of Battlejungle:


Easy invitation

Managing the event invitation process for each event can be a major hassle. Battlejungle makes it possible to manage your event invitation processes collectively from one single platform.


Targeted events

Battlejungle enables the organizers to segregate and target their events. The organizers can decide that the events shall be visible to each member or just for certain colleagues and departments only. It is easier to find relevant events for the employees as well.


Automated notifications

With using Battlejungle, it is possible to update the attendees on any upcoming events and send out relevant information for any ongoing events. Use our automated push notification system to maximize event engagement and generate excitement.



You can brand your Battlejungle platform your way. You can add your organisation’s logo and design the overall look and feel of your events as per your brand.


Drive participation

Encourage event participation with effective notifications, polling questions, news feeds and discussion panels. Attendees can easily access info for all your events. Our gamification system motivates employees to attend your next event.


Manage users

Admins are able to see a list of all users in the organization, invite new employees and remove leaving colleagues. It also makes it possible for them to create separate groups based on multiple criteria.

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